No.69 Mexico – The Street Life – Bikepacking Baja Divide Trail IIII

I sometimes stayed in towns for almost a week to enjoy being among others. Cute little towns and tons of barking dogs. Somehow the street life is not really what I expected from Mexico. Latest at 8 PM the streets are dead and almost pitch dark. But what I tremendously...
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No.68 Mexico – The Beach life – Bikepacking Baja Divide Trail III

        I am pretty sure everyone of you has seen those beaches where people are lying like...
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No.67 Mexico – Garden of Eden – Baja Divide Trail II

                                            The light is different on the Baja California. Softer, not as colorful and less contrast as in other parts of the...
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No.66 – Mexico – Taking on Baja Divide

The Baja Divide is a brand-new trail which crosses Baja California on rough and sandy trails. Always away from the tarmac and busy roads. 1700 miles to La Paz at the Southern end of the Baja. I wasn’t super excited to follow another red line someone else had created....
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No.65 USA – Great cycling destination

My last kilometers in a beautiful country. But first a short resume. With the title super cycling destination I am saying goodbye to the land of unlimited possibilities. The American West is a bewitchingly beautiful area, where cycling is simply fun. The vastness, the...
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