Interviews – solo female cyclists

Mirjam Wouters

13 years and still going……


Cindy Servranckx    Cycling Cindy 

Started May 2012…


Minka Hsieh

14.000 KM back home

Dorothee Fleck

Cycled twice around the world

Emma Vaanemo
Cycled Sweden to Cape Town


Leah Manning
California to Patagonia

Rubina Soorty

London to London

Ewa Świderska

Cycled a lot in Asia

Genevieve Fortin

Crossed Asia


on her way around the world

Martina Gees
Alaska to Patagonia – 5 years

Barbara Graf

Vienna to Vienna in 3,5 years

Crossing the oceans on a sailboat – freegan

Phoebe Tan

Norway to Singapore


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